Thrift Shop Wedding Parody | May 26, 2013

“Ho Hey” – The Stupe Coffeehouse, Wheaton College | April 2013

THE CIVIL WARS: “20 Years” – a remix cover | June 2012


I spent spring semester 2011 at‘s Contemporary Music Center in Brentwood, Tennessee, managing two pop-country artists’ marketing, promotional, production and finances in addition to coordinating a nine-act tour that hit eight college campuses across the Midwest. I also played electric bass for Audrey Claire and Meredith Carter of Stealing Hollywood, and Bekah Bradley – here are three music videos produced at the CMC, featuring Alex Kruser on electric guitar, Chris Belcher/Evan Scott on drums and me as MC and on electric bass.

Passion 2013: End It Candlelight Vigil | January 2013

Wheaton College Honduras Project 2013: Vive Los Cedros | April 2013

Willow Creek Lakeside Baptisms – June 2012 on YouTube.

Eric Hempel’s Motokazie Hare Scramble – June 2012 on YouTube.

Code of Conduct Tattoo Parlor: Featured Artist – Allie Sider | January 2012

Code of Conduct Tattoo Parlor: “Ink’d – Abide” on YouTube | January 2012

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